Your website is the first thing many customers will see. You need a website that catches the eye. That inspires. That keeps customers coming back for more. We build two types of websites for entrepreneurs.


Shop Window Websites

This type of website isn’t directly used to sell. But just like the shop window of a store, shop window websites paint a beautiful picture of a brand. They contain links to social media channels, encouraging visitors to engage. Many contain graphics, animation or videos. These sites are designed to entice, to make customers want to come back for more. Some clients like adding their prices to shop window sites. But making transactions is not the focus.

Having a contact form on the site is vital. As a business owner, you want to make your shop window site should generate leads. We’re here to make that happen.


E-commerce Websites

If you want to complete sales on your website, an e-commerce site is definitely the way to go. Entrepreneurs sell all kinds of products on e-commerce sites — from furniture and clothing to services like business development and cleaning. To sell goods and services, you need an e-commerce site that is organised correctly. Customers must have an easy time finding the products they need. You also need engaging images of your products and services. Great descriptions help too. E-commerce has grown rapidly over the past several years. This growth is not going to slow down anytime soon. Let us help you build an e-commerce website that stands out!

Building a website that turns leads into prospects and prospects for clients is our goal. A good website is visually appealing and communicates your message loud and clear. We create engaging website copy, beautiful images and entertaining videos that turn your website into its own sales channel.

We know you have an idea for your brand’s website. Let us help you take it outside of the box!

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