Email Campaigns with Infusionsoft

Investing in email campaigns is a smart decision for entrepreneurs. Rates of return are high for business owners, making this tactic one of the most cost-effective ways to market products. While there are many different email marketing softwares entrepreneurs can use to help grow their businesses, content is the most important component of a good email marketing strategy.

Great content shows people why your brand is worth sharing — why it should be Un-boxed! Great email content helps your brand sell. But we understand every brand has different needs when it comes to email.

That’s why we offer different packages based on your goals, what business stage you are at, the size of your business, the number of contacts you have, and the number of emails you want to send. For startups, we offer a starter package of email marketing campaigns. Established businesses with less contacts in their database can take advantage of this services as well. Larger companies with more contacts should consider our complete pack and essentials pack.



Unbox-it is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. We’re proud to offer this service to migrant entrepreneurs. Infusionsoft is the number one marketing automation software in the world. The price for using this software for your campaigns will vary according to your database.

With 500 contacts, you can get a starter package of up to 2500 emails monthly for 79 euro. If you have up to 2500 contacts in your database, you qualify for our essentials package. This gives you 12,500 emails per month for 149 euro. When a business has up to 10,000 contacts, we offer them 50,000 emails per month for the same price of 149 euro.

As we said before, great content makes a great email campaign. We put a lot of time and effort into developing the proper content for your campaigns.

An outstanding email campaign will build trust and connect you with the right leads. Whether it’s through text, images or video, we can create the right campaign to help you stand out.